Sunday, May 10, 2009


On May 10th this year, the whole world celebrates World Fair Trade Day to acknowledge support for a trade movement that provides fair wages and equality for millions of farmers and artisans around the globe. Take a stand today and make an effort to trade fair.

It is our trading system that is so jadded and unfair which has put much of the world in poverty. People in countries like India and Mexico are often forced to work 14 hour days slaving in some factory where they earn less than $1 a day to help care for their families. LEARN MORE. Fair trade is a better alternative that gives opportunities and resources to help communities grow.

Farmers in Vietnam and artisans in Uganda are shown respect and are rewarded fairly for their hard labor, be it hours in the field caring for rice or weaving baskets to share with the world. It is because of Fair Trade that women have emerged as leaders in their village and are making investments in education and healthcare for their families. It is because of Fair Trade that poor families are earning well and are no longer dependent on foreign aid for assistance. It is a trading system like this that will help people get out of poverty for generations to come, rather than one that will perpetuate it.

You CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE by supporting Fair Trade!
Ways to do so:

  • ask for Fair Trade coffee in cafes and if they don't have it, tell them why they should
  • buy Fair Trade products in your local grocery stores and natural food stores
  • buy gifts or decorate your home with unique, handmade Fair Trade crafts
  • tell your friends about fair trade and why it's important
  • start a Fair Trade community or student group
  • serve Fair Trade coffee in your workplace or church

and lastly.....SUPPORT AWAZ'S EFFORTS by buying our products and helping us to spread the word about Fair Trade!

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