Thursday, December 1, 2011

Meet the AWAZ Team

I’ve been extremely fortunate over the years to be surrounded by great people who’ve helped me support the work of AWAZ. Making AWAZ a community driven effort has always been my dream – the more people involved, the more awareness and impact we can bring. The model is grassroots and I am thankful for all the people who have helped along the way: AWAZ interns and volunteers, fair trade colleagues, community leaders, business owners, textile designers, professors, family and friends.

From designing flyers to designing websites, they’ve offered their time and commitment to a vision of trade justice by helping to represent the voices of our partners in India : without them we would not have come so far.

I’d like to introduce the beautiful people who are working with us today and who’ve been a part of this journey to take the time to thank them. We’ve seen you grow and we thank you for growing with us!

AWAZ Interns and Volunteers - Portland, Oregon


Sarah Snyder, Social Media and Communications

Salem native, Sarah Snyder, joined us this fall with a background in fair trade and an enthusiasm to learn more. She has been a godsend of newfound energy that is reminiscent of my college days as a campus organizer and I’m thankful to have her at my side to support key functions. Her positive attitude keeps me inspired and AWAZ filled with great new ideas.

Sarah first learned about fair trade after becoming a volunteer for Salem's fair trade store, One Fair World. She has a degree in Sociology where she wrote her Senior Thesis on the Social Impact of Fair Trade which highlighted the success story of 10,000 Villages, the founder of the fair trade movement. After college, she spent a year of Ameri-Corps service as a Farmer's Market Manager in WA and now gives her time to AWAZ by helping with community sales and outreach events, NWFTC and managing our blog, social media and newsletter.

She is doing an amazing job researching the latest news about the fair trade movement, sharing stories about our artisan partners, AWAZ events and keeping us all informed through regular facebook posts, tweets and writing blog articles. She shares loads of great resources – so LIKE US on facebook and follow OUR BLOG to stay connected to local and global action!

Read her latest post that shares more about her journey to fair trade.

Amy Price, Community Outreach

After 15 years of experience in the corporate and non profit sector, Amy stepped back from her full time job to pursue her long-time passion and interest in international social justice. She joined AWAZ in the fall to get some experience working for a local organization with an international mission while preparing to go back to school for a Masters in Sociology. I’m a firm believer that we all must be doing what we love or we wouldn’t be fulfilling our purpose in life – it takes guts and courage and I love that she, and many people alike, are beginning to walk that path.

She has been a great addition to the team, using her background and great interpersonal skills to help promote AWAZ and the ideas behind global economic justice to new demographics and communities. She is a voice for fair trade at many of our events in the community and by organizing her own – she recently hosted an AWAZ Fair Trade Home Party to help her friends, vote with their dollars and implement the ideas they value in their everyday life.

Her belief of fair trade as a tool for sustainable international development inspired her to join the NWFTC, the local fair trade grassroots organization that serves as an educational resource for fair trade in Portland and surrounding areas. (learn more about the NWFTC monthly film series and annual events around Portland and how you can get involved)

She is gearing up for a 3 month trip to Colombia next year to volunteer and understand grassroots community development overseas. And while she may not always be an intern with AWAZ, she forever will serve as a goodwill ambassador for fair trade and that in itself, is our main aim – learn about it, practice it and promote it.

Chris Elliott, Web Developer

Chris is the amazingly, skilled IT guy behind the screen who keeps our website alive, functioning and forever improving. Often unnoticed and not praised enough (like most people in IT these days), he spends hours at end reading, coding and making all the changes to the website to appease my expectations. I am truly thankful for his time and energy he gives to AWAZ every time I look at our website!!

With a degree in Anthropology, he combines his interest in global cultures with a newfound passion for information technology to AWAZ. Over the years, he’s learned various coding languages and skills through professional upgrades and various work experiences which has helped him, with ease, maintain our website. He was instrumental in the planning and implementing of the new facelift of our website - from enhancing the functions to our shopping cart, to creating rotating banners and event calendars, he is continuously helping us convey our mission by making our website user-friendly and search engine optimized.

Congratulations to him and his wife for becoming new parents to a baby son, Orin, this year!


We've had some amazing interns and volunteers over the last few years. We recognize you for your valuable contributions to AWAZ!

Megan Gex, Graphic Designer

Trina Jones, Social Media and Communications

Annie Quimet, Graphic Designer

Stuart Wood, Social Media and Development

Kim Elliot – Expressions of Eden Photography