Monday, March 26, 2012

Celebrate Easter with an Eco-Friendly, Child Labor-Free Toy!

Easter is only 13 days away, AWAZ features many kid's soft plush toys and other gifts that would be a perfect addition to your child's Easter basket this year! We have items for boys and girls, for young children and older.

Get a cute little turtle of your own for only $13

This lovely cross necklace is only $16.99

Our Plush toys are 100% cotton, lead- and child labor- free, and are safe for children 3+ years. This pair of turtles have bright, spring colors, and are sure to spark your child' imagination! These little guys come out of their shell and go back in again, for hours of entertainment!

The Kid's Cross Necklace is perfect for a young girl, and makes her Easter basket that much more special!
We also carry Kid's backpacks, a Toy Organizer, and other great items!

For the special adult in your life, head over to our jewelry section for some lovely pieces that will brighten up the delicious Easter dinner! We specialize in hand-beaded jewelry, like this Orange Blossom Necklace, or this Bracelet and Necklace set.

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